Idol Branded REAL ESTATE®

We create living dreams

Dreaming of a new fast selling real estate project, with a clear USP and strong storytelling as highlight?


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Rock Star architects, Design Icons and Hollywood Royalty

We are passionate brand builders from Berlin, Frankfurt und New York City. 

Imagine us bringing the Hollywood factor to your next real estate development. Our work results in faster sales, and revenues per square-meter, major media interest chasing you and faster turnarounds.

BOLD? Yes - but we deliver exactly this.

Shaping raw diamonds into successful brands is our expertise, after more than 20 years within the entertainment and lifestyle industry for brands such as Eastpak, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, SEAT, SonyMusic, Vivendi, Harvest Label Japan and many more.

NOW, real estate developers come to us when they need help in building powerful new brands and products with a unique story.

We help to refresh existing real estate portfolios, integrate new customer experiences or boost the development of popular culture and innovation. 


The Vision

The Maison Voodoo Idol-DNA® brings a clear benefit for your real estate investment strategies. 

Our vision became reality. Integrating popular culture into every aspect of living and real estate, by giving an object real personality, emotions and unique story to tell.

Currently we are working on major developments with the coolest rock stars and urban design icons worldwide. There is nothing stopping this train. 

We call it Idol Branded Real Estate®

Idol Branded Real Estate is giving developers a new competitive advantage, and clear USP. No matter if it is a boutique hotel, luxury residential complex, co-working space or airport lounge.

Imagine an international Grammy Awarded musician, luxury designer, or Hollywood actor is designing your new development. Your buyers can NOW proudly say, they living in a house built by a rock star and your investors are amazed by setting new benchmarks.


What is Idol Branded Real Estate?®

Real estate has to re-invent itself constantly. Buyers expect the international living standards. Perks from fully serviced apartments, cross-functional gyms, olympic size pools and zen-infused chill out areas are amongst the check list. 

With heavy weights like Porsche, Armani Casa or Aston Martin coming into the real estate game, there is clearly a demand for new standards in luxury real estate.

Our process makes it possible to give a simple building, great personality, creating affordable and/or high-end luxury living spaces.



OUR Approach

Maison Voodoo activates the right personality, delivering more revenue per sqm to our real estate clients, while exactly fulfilling their requests. Each investment is supported by media data analysis, and calculations to demonstrate your profits.

Our idols are not just stars, they are hybrids serving high-quality in diverse surroundings. They are passionate and professional architects and designers, with worldwide clients from IKEA to LVMH or Rolex, just to name a few. They are already making international noise inside and outside the real estate business. 

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Our Services

  • Branded real estate consulting
  • Project management, brand licensing and negotiations  
  • Media strategy and marketing strategy
  • Research, trends, insights



Coming Fall 2018

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