We are Pop-Culture Brand Builders

Maison Voodoo is a consulting house with a multidisciplinary team of brand builders from Berlin, Frankfurt and New York City specialised in the entertainment industry.

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Our Team created history for brands


We shape raw diamonds into successful brands

Thanks to our experience of more than 20 years within the entertainment industry, clients come to us when they need help in building powerful new brands and products. We help to refresh excisting portfolios, integrate new customer experiences or boost the development of popular culture and innovation in a company. 

All strategies are implemented to minimize the risk of burning your marketing budgets. We empower ideas based on data driven facts.


But LET our work do the talk

Find some featured work from our portfolio here

Robbie Williams - Marco Polo.png

Marc O'Polo: Emotionalizing the pink sweatshirt with Robbie Williams 


Working with influential idols: NENA


Working with influential idols:


Harvest Label.png

Harvest Label:  Japanese tradition with urban coolness in Europe  


MGM: Taking the dust off the biggest Hollywood film Library 


Garçon Noir: From hobby to business for Europes youngest fashion designer


Eastpak: Launching a classic in Europe